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Overview of Matrix

Start your search! Matrix delivers the efficiency and innovation you need for your searches. Search and find properties for sale or coming soon. Explore sold, canceled and expired listings. Conduct market analyses. Set up listing portals for clients. Run reports and more. Developed and maintained by NorthstarMLS vendor CoreLogic, Matrix integrates with other CoreLogic products, including OneHome™ Client Portal and Realist™. Connect your buyers and sellers with the vital property, community and tax information they need to make important real estate decisions. Access Matrix anytime, anywhere with the MLS-Touch™ mobile app. Powered with real-time data from NorthstarMLS Add/Edit, Matrix is a top choice for all your real estate listing searches.

Matrix Resources

Expand your knowledge of Matrix with a variety of resources, including training guides and video tutorials from CoreLogic.

Overview of Paragon

Start your mobile search! One of the most modern, innovative and customizable MLS systems available on the market, Paragon by Black Knight provides a highly intuitive mobile-first platform and user-friendly portal. Easily strengthen client relationships and effectively manage your business while on the go. This award-winning platform features an easy-to-use Collaboration Center where you can work with your clients and customers online, in real time. It also offers a wealth of rich, integrated content from a robust list of market-leading solutions including ShowingTime and more. Paragon’s modern user interface, easy-to-use tools and interactive dashboard optimize your business and keep your clients in the know.

Paragon Resources

Expand your knowledge of this robust mobile tool.

Overview of Flexmls

Get flexibility, innovation and reliable performance from your search! From integrations with preferred third-party software products to on-demand admin controls and agent-level dashboard preferences, The FBS Flexmls Platform offers the pinnacle of market-level customization for your search experience. Modern and easy to use, Flexmls provides powerful, mobile capabilities with continuity across all platforms. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet you’re using, Flexmls looks, feels and behaves the same way. Even better, it integrates with the best apps and products available with the proven reliability your real estate business needs.

Flexmls Resources

Flexmls is ready to help unleash your full potential with the arsenal of tools it provides. Expand your knowledge of this powerful tool with a variety of resources, including short tip videos, webinars, product news, recorded trainings, flyers and more.

Single Sign-On Access to Your Real Estate Market

The NorthstarMLS SSO Dashboard is the secure multiple listing service portal to your local real estate market and beyond. Access your MLS. Manage your listings. Access market stats and listing data. Connect with clients. Leverage additional tools and services. Use your NRDS ID and a secure password of your choosing for easy access—whether it’s from your desktop or a mobile device. While you enjoy immediate access, NorthstarMLS provides layers of security that keep your data safe. Simply sign on once and immediately get down to business connecting your buyers and sellers with the information, tools and access to the real estate market NorthstarMLS provides.

NorthstarMLS SSO Dashboard Resources

Access your NorthstarMLS Dashboard designed with greater security and customization in mind. Learn about the login process and explore how to personalize your Dashboard to include all your favorite NorthstarMLS tools.

Overview of NorthstarMLS Add/Edit

A truly state-of-the-art multiple listing service system, NorthstarMLS Add/Edit was custom-developed and is maintained with the needs of your local market in mind. Effectively manage your listings, photos, virtual tours, supplements, open houses, teams and more. With its responsive design, which is optimized for display on mobile devices, you can search listings by address, listing number, city, agent and more from a single search box, sort and filter the results, view change history and track expiration dates. On-site development and support ensure a robust, high-performance system that is regularly enhanced in response to user requests and feedback. Data is shared with the NorthstarMLS front end of your choice and your brokerage’s selected websites to take your listings farther, faster.

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Resources

Learn how to make this powerful listing tool work for you and your clients with resources to help you create and manage effective real estate listings, add photos, videos and supplements, conduct searches, schedule open houses, manage teams and more.

Overview of RentSpree

RentSpree is an online platform that powers your rental business. Features included are Tenant Screening, Rent Payment, Rent Estimate Reports, and more! RentSpree provides a Standard Rental Application and TransUnion Screening Reports. TransUnion will conduct a nationwide search under the applicant’s history that goes back about 7-10 years to generate a Credit Report & Score, Criminal Background Check, and Eviction-Related Proceedings.

RentSpree Resources

Need help? Contact the RentSpree team! Call using 323-515-7757 or reach them via email or chat here!

Step by Step RentSpree Process

Introduction to RentSpree

Overview of ShowingTime

Enhance your productivity and provide better customer service with ShowingTime. ShowingTime saves enormous amounts of time for you and/or your staff by eliminating the need for phone calls and waiting for follow-ups. Available for desktop and mobile use, ShowingTime allows you to quickly schedule showing appointments, confirm appointments for your listings, provide and receive feedback and grant sellers access to see showing schedules and feedback. As a NorthstarMLS core service, ShowingTime links to online scheduling within your NorthstarMLS front end of choice, be it Matrix, Flexmls or Paragon.

ShowingTime Resources

Expand your knowledge with a variety of resources, guides, checklists, videos and blogs to put ShowingTime to work for you! Need assistance? Contact the ShowingTime Support Center at 800-379-0057 or, 8 AM – 6 PM, Monday – Friday.

Overview of TransactionDesk

TransactionDesk conveniently contains all NorthstarMLS and Minnesota REALTORS® State forms. Available through a partnership with Minnesota REALTORS, it provides forms that are easily completed online—be it mobile or desktop—using Authentisign eSignatures. Auto-fill the form with data directly from the MLS. Easily print or email client documents. Include your broker logo on all forms for a one-time nominal fee. There is also the option to add all your broker forms. In addition to Authentisign eSignature, TransactionDesk provides fax, PDF, emailing and document storage. The availability of TransactionDesk is subject to copyright and licensing terms on a state-by-state basis.

TransactionDesk Resources

Learn how to put TransactionDesk to work for your next transaction. Expand your knowledge of TransactionDesk with a variety of videos, webinars and online training accessible by clicking the lightbulb icon at the bottom right of the homepage.

Overview of TrustFunds

TrustFunds is a convenient electronic earnest money service that allows buyers to securely make their earnest money payments online and easily verify their status at any time. With TrustFunds, buyers retain control of their account information. There are no photocopies or images of checks in emails or phones floating around. Account information remains encrypted at rest and in transit. Other than a nominal service fee per transaction (which may be passed on to the buyer), there is no charge for making earnest payments to participating brokers’ accounts via TrustFunds. Brokers who want to accept TrustFunds earnest money payments into their accounts can register for TrustFunds Manager™.

TrustFunds Resources

Need assistance with TrustFunds? The TrustFunds Support Center offers resources for agents, buyers, brokers, attorneys, and title companies. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact TrustFunds weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. central time or by submitting a Support Center Request

Overview of Realist Tax

Realist provides a comprehensive view of all properties in your market—including current listings, past listings, and properties never listed at all. Use it to research listings, identify opportunities and improve decision-making with your clients. In addition to MLS data, Realist offers detailed public records data including CREV, mortgage and foreclosure data as well as GIS maps, plat maps, map layers, reports, CMAs, neighborhood profiles, robust search and much more! Coverage includes all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. Tax data is updated annually and additional data from sales records are added regularly for most counties.

Realist Tax Resources

Expand your knowledge with a variety of resources, guides, checklists, videos and blogs to put Realist Tax to work for you!

Overview of InfoSparks

A powerful but easy-to-use statistics program, InfoSparks runs on NorthstarMLS data. Use it to compare up to four geographies by a variety of housing market variables, metrics and time calculations. Investigate important market metrics by county, city, postal code, neighborhood or geography of your choosing. Personalize market charts with your headshot, company name and contact information. Create your own customized map or set of maps by selecting different geographies or designing a map of your own specifications. Share or store: Embed charts on blogs, websites and social media profiles so they’re always up to date or download raw data to create your own branded charts for marketing purposes.

InfoSparks Resources

Learn how to apply market data for areas large and small in attractively branded and compelling ways. Support is available to answer your questions seven days a week: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM, Saturday – Sunday, 8 AM – 5 PM Central time. Call 800-379-0057 or email for assistance.

Overview of RPR

Create professional-looking reports using RPR. Easily accessed through desktop, iOS and Android devices, this powerful platform packs in up-to-date data on specific properties, market activity, neighborhoods, schools and more. Market yourself and find new clients with prospecting tools and mailing labels. RPR builds bulletproof CMAs and home valuations with accurately priced properties using local public records and MLS data. Its user-friendly interface offers guided tours, making it an easy-to-navigate, intuitive “one-stop shop.” A NAR member benefit, RPR is your go-to tool for all things real estate.

RPR Resources

RPR offers a variety of resources to help you maximize its benefits as quickly as possible including app information, industry relations, broker services and more. Receive 24/7 support at 877-977-7576.

Overview of Professional Search

Professional Search leverages and shares the innovative technology and search experience of while delivering a best-in-class professional search experience via a powerful, robust and intuitive search engine. Using Professional Search, you can perform property searches anywhere in the United States with results containing proprietary information. This includes possible multiple MLS entries, previous sale data, median price comparisons, public records, tax information, listing history, nearby home values and more. Get an unfettered view of the data sets, including active listing data, community and demographic information, school reports, search and activity trends and much more. 

Professional Search Resources

Get up to speed quickly with Professional Search using live webinars, recordings and videos. Or contact the Professional Search Support Team at or call 866-960-7481, Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Pacific time.

Overview of RatePlug

Protect your time and effort by engaging a trusted lender that uses RatePlug to help you close faster. RatePlug connects the agent and originator to the multiple listing service and active home buyers who are ready to buy—not just browsing. Unlike typical mortgage payment calculators, RatePlug leverages the full property detail available within the MLS to calculate monthly affordability. With RatePlug embedded in your listings, you connect originators to your NorthstarMLS listings and help homebuyers better understand affordability. These homebuyers spend more time viewing your property listings, taking them from passive buyers to better-informed, active buyers!

RatePlug Resources

Get started with RatePlug. For questions, email or phone 877-710-0808.

Overview of ListTrac

Where are your listings being viewed? ListTrac provides online activity reporting for real estate brokers and agents, offering unbiased, actionable marketing intelligence in one place to help guide listing campaigns. Keep a pulse on the performance of your listings with metrics including listing views, leads, shares, and favorites captured from major portals, broker sites, and MLS systems while keeping sellers informed with a weekly report showing how their listing is performing online.

ListTrac Resources

Get started putting ListTrac to work tracking your listings with helpful FAQs and other resources.

Overview of MyFloodStatus

The premier structure-based Flood Zone Determination Reports nationwide, MyFloodStatus reports are certified, insured, built upon superior data and backed with expert support. Upload the flood report to your listing on NorthstarMLS and increase buyer activity for “low-risk” properties in High-Risk Flood Zones. Help your buyers and sellers challenge and know a property’s true flood status—providing clarity, confidence and peace of mind. MyFloodStatus goes above and beyond industry standards, delivering superior accuracy and highly detailed mapping. Certified, insured and structure-based flood determination reports are easy to order. MyFloodStatus Certified Floodplain Managers and GIS Specialists provide expert guidance on next steps and advocacy throughout the process.

MyFloodStatus Resources

Get started with MyFloodStatus by leveraging webinars, case studies, blogs, downloadable agent resources and more. Contact MyFloodStatus at 855-653-5663 or receive live help on their website.

Overview of Real Estate News

Brought to you in partnership with Minnesota Realtors® (MNR), Real Estate News is your go-to source for timely and impartial news in the real estate world. Launched in late 2022 by New York Times best-selling author and esteemed T3 Sixty founder Stefan Swanepoel, this respected news service empowers you with the information you need to keep moving forward in your business and career. Real Estate News presents authentic, journalistically sound news in the right context so you can digest it quickly and meaningfully. Available at, your Real Estate News subscription can also be delivered to your inbox daily.

Activate Your Subscription To Real Estate News

Use the email address you use to access NorthstarMLS to activate your membership today!

Overview of IDX

Through IDX (also called Broker Reciprocity), NorthstarMLS brokers can display listings on each other’s brokerage websites. As a broker, you can participate in IDX by adding the shared IDX feed to your brokerage or agents’ websites. A RESO Platinum Certified MLS provider, NorthstarMLS empowers more than 60 IDX providers using MLS Grid Web API, which provides uniform licensing, data feeds and compliance to get you listing data easier and faster. Choose one of the existing IDX providers or add a new data vendor to the list. Any new vendors must be set up through MLS Grid and NorthstarMLS will review all requests. If approved, we provide licenses only to the extent permitted by their agreements. 

IDX Resources

For any questions about IDX, contact NorthstarMLS COO Michael Bisping at or 651-251-3208.

Overview of NeighborhoodIntel

NeighborhoodIntel offers comprehensive, in-depth insights for any address and unlimited, shareable reports featuring over 250 unique location insights per address. The platform enables you to provide a depth of knowledge that goes beyond the standard listing information and far more than what homebuyers can find on their own.

Available to NorthstarMLS subscribers for a $20 monthly subscription, NeighborhoodIntel allows you to effortlessly sign up, access reports, manage subscriptions and track client engagement and access unlimited detailed reports you can share directly with clients.

Overview of Green Building Registry (GBR)

Include verified, climate-related performance information in your listings with Green Building Registry® (GBR). With a single click, you can include energy ratings, third-party building certifications and solar electricity generation capability data in NorthstarMLS listing green fields, helping you create thorough valuations that can add thousands of dollars of value to homes while assisting buyers with making informed purchasing decisions.

GBR partners directly with programs to provide verified data for millions of properties across the U.S. directly from sources such as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score program, LEED® for Homes, ENERGY STAR®, HERS® Index Scores, and other national and regional third-party verification programs.

Overview of MLS-Touch

The most advanced mobile app for real estate agents, MLS-Touch seamlessly integrates with Matrix™, Realist® and OneHome™. This agent-branded app provides powerful search tools and real-time property and market insights—all from your mobile device! Conduct smart searches by neighborhood, schools and more. Use InstaView to easily point and tap for details. Get real-time insights from Live Market Stats. Understand comparables with dynamic information provided to your mobile device. Get nearby actives and solds information in seconds. Look to Hotsheet for new listings, price reductions and solds. Automatically list posts on Facebook. So intuitively designed, you’ll be using it like a pro the first time you log in!

MLS-Touch Resources

Maximize the power of MLS-Touch! Take your business mobile—and do it fast! Maximize your branding for MLS-Touch as well as OneHome with helpful branding setup tools. Access a variety of MLS-Touch videos, webinars, guides, articles and more!

Overview of OneHome

Integrated with NorthstarMLS front end Matrix, OneHome is the easy-to-use platform that gives your buyers access to the most up-to-date properties, provides the best recommendations for their home and lets them close deals faster. OneHome helps guide their buying experience, from figuring out costs, exploring neighborhoods and getting all the data, photos and digital tours before an in-person visit. Once your client registers with OneHome, its customer interface helps guide your clients in the buying process—and helps you learn their preferences and priorities to focus on the properties that are right for them.

OneHome Resources

Expand your knowledge of OneHome and how it works with Matrix with a variety of resources including training guides and video tutorials from CoreLogic. Quickly get up to speed with its modern user interface and how it engages your clients in the buying process.

Overview of DPR

Lack of a down payment shouldn’t keep your buyers from owning their own homes. DPR created and maintains a centralized database of every homebuyer and down payment assistance (DPA) program in the country. Integrated into your listings, DPR flags your DPA-eligible listings with a special Down Payment Resource icon, helping your homebuyers identify where down payment help is available. Free access to DPR’s suite of homebuyer engagement tools helps you connect your buyers with knowledgeable professionals and the money they need to become homeowners.

DPR Resources

More than 2,000 programs are available to your buyers. Learn more about how to leverage them in your business with these articles and reports.

Overview of HomeSpotter

Collaborate with ease. Work on the go. Increase your productivity. A mobile MLS option, the HomeSpotter app features a broker-branded mobile app to connect consumers to the broker and their agents. Get property history and listing highlights quickly from the listing details. Access your saved searches, contacts, carts and auto-emails from Matrix. Access Realist public record reports, Transaction Desk (Instanet) and TrustFunds. Easily edit listings and upload photos. It’s everything you need—the integrity, integrations and transparency—to stay in front of your buyers and sellers.

HomeSpotter Resources

It’s easy to get going with HomeSpotter’s blog and other content available in its Help Center.

Overview of PostcardMania

PostcardMania provides comprehensive solutions for your direct mail marketing needs, helping you effectively reach your target audience and generate leads. From customizable postcard designs to targeted mailing lists and integrated marketing campaigns, they provide the tools and support needed to succeed in the competitive real estate market.

PostcardMania Resources

PostcardMania offers a range of resources specifically tailored to the needs of brokers and agents looking to enhance their marketing efforts. Need assistance? Contact Casey at or 1-800-690-0945 (ask for Casey). Want to schedule a training? Use the Calendly link Hours: 8 AM – 4 PM CT, Monday – Friday.

PostcardMania Overview

Not Finding What You Need? Contact the Help Desk for Dedicated Support.

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