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Providing You with Support to Make The Market Work™

NorthstarMLS is committed to providing multiple listing service tools training and supporting our real estate professionals with the resources you need to drive your business and ensure long-lasting relationships. From first homes to cabins up North, you’re supporting your clients, and we’re supporting you.

Rules & Regulations

NorthstarMLS is responsible for fairly enforcing MLS rules and regulations compliance for all participants and subscribers. Our Rules & Regulations ensure you have current, accurate and complete property data and promote professional data sharing and cooperative behaviors. Follow these Rules & Regulations guidelines to stay compliant.

rules & regulations

Broker Hub

You facilitate hundreds of thousands of real estate transactions annually, and NorthstarMLS is a resource for all of them. While we support all our subscribers with the real estate training, resources and information you need to Make The Market Work™, we understand the unique challenges brokers face, too. With a variety of resources and support available, NorthstarMLS is committed to providing brokers with the tools needed to navigate the real estate landscape as easily as possible.

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Product Support

You deserve a powerful assortment of tools and technology to simplify and streamline your business. NorthstarMLS delivers. Then, with so many MLS tools available, it can be hard to be an expert in each one. That’s what we’re here for. Access information, training and support for our MLS tools here, so you can spend more time with your clients.

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Membership & Billing

There are many reasons you may have questions about your MLS access, from access issues to being new to the area to needing to update contact or billing information. We’ve put together a brief overview of some of the most common questions we hear and our answers to them.

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Contact Help Desk

We aim to provide specific and helpful support to our subscriber community so you can continue facilitating the homebuying or selling process. If you’re unable to find information to answer your real estate training and support questions, feel free to contact our Help Desk for more tailored support based on your unique situation and needs. We’re here to help make your real estate journey as seamless as possible.

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Stay in Compliance with Our Rules & Regulations

In the ever-changing world of real estate, our real estate Rules & Regulations act as a North Star to guide us. Not only is compliance with Rules & Regulations vital to the continued success of the Multiple Listing Service, but also to the continued success of our property market. By understanding and adhering to these Rules & Regulations, MLS subscribers can contribute to the integrity and success of our field and Make The Market Work™. Spend less time worrying about the rules and more time doing what you do best: collaborating with clients on finding their dream home.

The NorthstarMLS Rules & Regulations are in place to ensure: current, accurate and complete property data; and professional data sharing and cooperative behaviors. Together, these help protect you as a real estate professional and the clients you serve. By adhering to these Rules & Regulations, you can help your clients’ real estate dreams come true.

Did you know nearly half of NorthstarMLS Compliance Notices and Fines come from one of these four rules?

  1. Enter a listing within two (2) business days of the listing contract’s effective date
  2. Enter a photo within two (2) business days of entering the listing
  3. Ensure all public fields and supplements are free from agent and third-party promotion
  4. Update pending listings within two (2) business days after the closing or when the closing is postponed

By ensuring Rules & Regulations compliance, you can avoid unnecessary interruptions to your work and livelihood.

Get Unique Support for Brokers in Our Broker Hub

In the fast-paced world of real estate, brokers are responsible for leading and guiding agents and clients alike as they navigate the marketplace. To excel in this field, brokers need a diverse set of skills and tools. Our Broker Hub provides a set of resources for brokers, so you can ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible for all parties.

One unique aspect of our property market for brokers is the Broker Reciprocity system (IDX), which allows brokers to display one another’s listings on their sites. This puts you in control of listings across the internet. In addition to this control, IDX allows your website to become the source of truth for listing data. The more brokers participate, the more listings are available on brokerage sites, the smoother the buying and selling process is for all parties. Create a better consumer experience across sites and drive innovation by the brokerage with IDX.

At NorthstarMLS, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges brokers face, which is why we have dedicated resources for you to continue your growth and learning.

Not Finding What You Need? Contact the Help Desk for Dedicated Support.

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