Attention New Data Vendors: NorthstarMLS provides data through the MLS Grid Web API. Any new accounts should be set up through the Grid at

If a vendor or participant wishes to access MLS data for usage other than IDX/VOW, the VOW or Back Office agreement must be completed through the MLS Grid. NorthstarMLS will review the request and, if approved, provide a license only to the extent permitted by the agreement.

Examples of third party usage are providing NorthstarMLS Participants with statistics tools, showing scheduling support, or accounting software.

For any questions, contact Michael Bisping, COO, at or 651-251-3208. The MLS Grid can be contacted via email at

NorthstarMLS is RESO Platinum Certified.

Fees Applicable to Third Party Vendors

New data vendors are assessed a one-time development fee of $1,000 for a new account and a one-time startup fee of $500. These fees are for new vendors or vendors returning after a period of inactivity. The development fee and startup fee are not assessed when an active vendor adds additional customers.

Monthly access fees are charged to the vendor based on the number of customers utilizing the data and are billed by the MLS Grid:

  • 1 user $125 monthly

  • 2-9 users $250 monthly

  • 10-100 users $400 monthly

  • 101+ users $500 monthly