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Introduction to PostcardMania

PostcardMania offers a range of resources specifically tailored to the needs of brokers and agents looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Overview of PostcardMania

PostcardMania provides comprehensive solutions for your direct mail marketing needs, helping you effectively reach your target audience and generate leads. From customizable postcard designs to targeted mailing lists and integrated marketing campaigns, they provide the tools and support needed to succeed in the competitive real estate market.

PostcardMania Resources

Learn about PostcardMania with a variety of resources, guides, and videos to market yourself above the rest! Need assistance? Contact Casey at or 1-800-690-0945 (ask for Casey). Want to schedule a training? Use the Calendly link Hours: 8 AM to 4 PM CT, Monday – Friday.

PostcardMania - How to Purchase a Mailing List

PostcardMania - How to Upload your Own List

PostcardMania - How to Upload a Logo

PostcardMania - How to Customize a Postcard

PostcardMania - How to Upload your Own Artwork

PostcardMania on NorthstarMLS

Introducing PostcardMania

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