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PostcardMania on NorthstarMLS

Thousands of real estate professionals nationwide use PostcardMania to create targeted direct mail campaigns for sellers and buyers using mailing lists, design templates and offers.

April 19, 2024

You can use PostcardMania to help your real estate business grow and prosper with marketing campaigns directly from your NorthstarMLS Dashboard and soon in Add/Edit. Only pay for the postcards you send and save using this discount promo code: READY10.

So how does it work?

Check out the recording of our Introducing PostcardMania webinar and get answers to several common questions below.

PostcardMania Webinar

Common Questions

How does direct mail work with PostcardMania?

Once you have your list, you can mail postcards to it with just a few clicks! You can design your direct mail piece (or use one of the many templates provided) and mail it to your list automatically. Direct mail is a successful real estate marketing strategy because your prospects receive your marketing message where they’re most willing to read it: in the comfort of their own home!

How many responses can I expect from my campaign?

It varies, but the better question to ask is, “How much return on investment can you receive from your direct mail marketing?” Your subscription provides fresh, dynamic mailing list data so by mailing personalized postcards to it, you increase your chances of generating prospect calls—and houses sold.

What paper quality will my postcards be printed on?

PostcardMania uses 14 pt card stock for your postcards, which is a good, sturdy paper quality to withstand your postcards’ journey through the mail system.

How do I design my postcard?

With just a few clicks you can use PostcardMania’s pre-made postcard designs and personalize it to your business—no graphic design skills required!

What if I’m not good at design?

No problem! There are templates you can use!

Can I upload my own logo?


Can I upload my own postcard design?

Not at this time, but PostcardMania is working on adding this feature.

Can I add the first name of my list recipients automatically to each postcard?

Yes, most postcards have this feature already built into them.

Does PostcardMania offer postcard design templates I can use?

Yes, and with just a few clicks they are very easy to customize to your business’s branding.

How does this online ordering process work?

Ordering your postcards is as easy as clicking to the next screen with a button. Each screen of the design and ordering process has a how-to video you can click on and watch for help.

How do I see my order status?

Once your order has been placed, you can view its status by visiting your Order History.

How do I send a campaign I’ve already mailed again to another list of people?

In your account, you’ll be able to see your mailings that have already been paid for and sent. If you want to reorder a mailing, just click the “Reorder” button which will guide you step-by-step through the ordering process again.

How much will my mailing cost?

You will see your total order costs in the final screen before you are asked to add your order to your shopping cart. Postage is automatically included in the pricing.

When will my postcards get printed?

Your postcards will get printed within 1 hour to up to 3 days MAX of placing your order.

How does postage work?

Currently, 4.25″x6″ postcards automatically come with First Class postage, and all other direct mail products come with Standard (3rd Class) postage. First Class postage is currently unavailable for all the direct mail products except for the 4.25″x6″ postcards. However, PostcardMania is working on making available First Class postage for every direct mail product.

Standard postage will get your direct mail delivered in about 7-14 business days, BUT First Class will deliver your direct mail in just 2-5 business days. Postage prices do fluctuate based upon the U.S. Postal System. You can see your direct mail order total price in the screen before you’re asked to add your order to your shopping cart.

PostcardMania takes care of postage and delivering your direct mail for you.

Can I have my postcards drop-shipped directly to me?

Currently PostcardMania is only mailing postcards directly to your list. However, they are working on adding the feature that would allow you to have your direct mail pieces drop-shipped to you.

How do I update my payment method?

In your account, you can change your payment method on file.

When do I pay for my direct mail order?

You’ll pay for your direct mail order as the last step of our order process. Once you pay for your campaign, PostcardMania will print and mail your postcards for you!

Real Estate Case Studies

PostcardMania provides several examples of how real estate professionals are using PostcardMania for their business. Check out these case studies on the PostcardMania website for more ideas you can use and to get samples.

We hope PostcardMania and the full suite of NorthstarMLS tools help you boost the success of your real estate business this season and beyond!

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