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Introduction to NorthstarMLS Add/Edit

The power behind your listings, NorthstarMLS Add/Edit is the listing platform that drives your business and fuels your real estate marketplace.

Overview of NorthstarMLS Add/Edit

A truly state-of-the-art multiple listing service system, NorthstarMLS Add/Edit was custom-developed and is maintained with the needs of your local market in mind. Effectively manage your listings, photos, virtual tours, supplements, open houses, teams and more. With its responsive design, which is optimized for display on mobile devices, you can search listings by address, listing number, city, agent and more from a single search box, sort and filter the results, view change history and track expiration dates. On-site development and support ensure a robust, high-performance system that is regularly enhanced in response to user requests and feedback. Data is shared with the NorthstarMLS front end of your choice and your brokerage’s selected websites to take your listings farther, faster.

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Resources

Learn how to make this powerful listing tool work for you and your clients with resources to help you create and manage effective real estate listings, add photos, videos and supplements, conduct searches, schedule open houses, manage teams and more.

Team Print Guide

Listing Input Print Guide

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Listing Input

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Search Tool

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Media

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Supplement Management

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Virtual Tour Management

We've Added More to NorthstarMLS Add/Edit

NorthstarMLS Add/Edit Listing City Field

Login to NorthstarMLS Add/Edit

Get started with NorthstarMLS Add/Edit now! Sign in using your NorthstarMLS credentials to access this powerful listing platform. Use the variety of multiple listing service capabilities NorthstarMLS Add/Edit provides to create robust real estate listings and distribute and manage them in your marketplace and beyond.