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Stay Violation-free in 2024 with this Look Back at 2023 Rules Enforcement Data

Educating you by bringing issues we see to your attention is one way we drive down the number of violations notices and fines.

January 19, 2024

One of the key goals for NorthstarMLS is to ensure the data the MLS receives is clean and accurate. This not only helps sellers get the best possible offers for their property but also helps agents and appraisers be most knowledgeable about properties when assisting buyers and sellers. Agents use this data to create CMAs and other property reports. Appraisers use this data to assist with appraisals, a very important part of the home buying process.

Top Violations for 2023

Rules statistics for 2023 are available in our Rules & Regulations Database on Sum up the data for a compiled 2023 view and you will see these 2023 Top 10 violations.

Picture of a pie chart detailing 2023 MLS Rules Violations.

In first place representing almost 60% of rules violations for 2023 is Pending Status violations. To help reduce this number in 2024 we have a variety of resources available on including Listing Status Definitions, a Listing Status Guide and Which MLS Status Is In The Best Interest Of My Client?

Violations with Virtual Tour Reviews, Finished Square Feet Check and Driving Direction Remarks represented 7.8%, 7% and 6.5% respectively of total violations for the year. In addition to having articles in the Rules & Regulations database, they were featured in these NorthstarMLS blogs:

Six Considerations When Calculating Finished Square Footage
Listing Photos: Follow these Rules to Make a Great Impression
Don’t get pulled over for bad (or no) driving directions in your listings

Ways to Prevent Fines

Having accurate, up-to-date listing data is important to provide the best service to the real estate community. If you aren’t sure about something, you may request a compliance check before posting your listing on the MLS. Send your compliance check requests to

Check Out Our Rules Database

One of the key features of our new website is our Rules & Regulations Database. Here we routinely update and add new compliance information, which you can sort and view almost 100 posts in the categories of MLS Required Fields, General Rules Policies and IDX (Broker Reciprocity/Syndication) as a great reference and resource for you.

More Blog for Compliance Topics

We are committed to educating and helping our NorthstarMLS subscribers and many of these top violations were featured in recent blogs including:

Stay off the Naughty List with these Smart Holiday Listing and Showing Practices
Stay MLS Compliant when Offering Seller Incentives to Buyers
Have Listings with Land, Multiple Dwellings or Commercial Components? Here’s Some Listing Rules for You!

What Should You Do if You Receive a Violation Notice?

If you receive a violation notice, it is very important to respond to the Rules & Regulations team so it can get closed properly before it becomes a fine. It is also important to respond to the Rules & Regulations team when a fine is received to be sure the fine does not escalate.

All fines and notices have a 48-hour window for updating and responding. If the listing is not fixed or responded to within the 48-hours, it will escalate to where we issue a fine.

Do Violations Mean Fines?

NorthstarMLS has very few rules that immediately result in fines. In many instances we send warning notices about violations before fines are even assessed. For all the citations we issue, only 2% of them result in actual fines.

Want Office Training?

The NorthstarMLS Rules & Regulations team offers office training where you can learn more. Brokers or office administrators can request training by contacting us at

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