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Ask David: How do I schedule showings for listings outside of NorthstarMLS?

Agents seeking to show properties listed with another MLS may be able to utilize ShowingTime for scheduling rather than having to contact the listing agent or listing brokerage directly.

February 16, 2024

NorthstarMLS subscribers may have the capability to schedule showings on listings that are not in the NorthstarMLS database using the ShowingTime system. This means that agents seeking to show properties that are listed with other MLSs may be able to utilize ShowingTime for scheduling rather than having to contact the listing agents or listing brokerages directly.

Neighboring MLSs that are configured with NorthstarMLS for cross-scheduling in ShowingTime include:

  • Range Association of REALTORS® (RAOR)
  • REALTORS® Association of Southern Minnesota (RASM)
  • Lake Superior Area REALTORS® (LSAR)
  • REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin (RANWW/NWWMLS)

There are two ways an agent can do this.

  1. Search for the listing using Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) and locate the ShowingTime link within the listing, if enabled. Keep in mind that not all MLSs participate in data sharing with RPR and the listing may not be available in that platform. Some MLSs may share data with RPR, but do not use ShowingTime or have the ShowingTime feature enabled.
  2. Search for the listing in your ShowingTime account using the street number/name, Listing ID, city or unit number. If you are unable to locate the listing using either of these two methods, then the listing most likely is not available in ShowingTime and you will have to contact the listing agent or listing brokerage directly to schedule a showing.

Download Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for cross-scheduling listings using ShowingTime are available here.

Rules tip: Enter your listings timely!

Since we are talking listings, it’s a good reminder that listings must be entered within two (2) business days of the contract effective date (or upload a signed Certification to Withhold).

You rely on access to new listings to best serve your buyers. Professional cooperation requires that listings be entered within two (2) business days after their execution date. If your customer wants to withhold the listing from the MLS, upload a signed Certification to Withhold Form into Add/Edit within two (2) business days.

More information about keeping your listing compliant is available in our  Rules for Easy Compliance Guide, the Rules & Regulations Policy Manual and in the Rules & Regulations Resources.

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