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Ask David: Where can I Access Market Stats and Listing Data Tools on

NorthstarMLS offers an array of tools and services to subscribers—including some familiar and some new real estate statistics and listing data tools.

June 21, 2024

On, “market stats & listing tools” is one of four categories, along with “access the MLS,” “manage your listings,” and “connect with clients,” for you to easily access and learn more about the many NorthstarMLS offerings available to subscribers.

On the site, market stats and listing data tools can be found by going to and hovering over the “MLS tools” tab in the upper toolbar. Select “market stats & listing data.”

Picture of the MLS tools section of

Here, you can explore the many tools available under the Market Stats & Listing Data category.

Picture of the market stats & listing data tab on

When you choose a product from the product list, you can learn more about the offering and what it has to offer by clicking on the “learn more about…” button.

View of the "learn more about" button on a northstarmls product page.

You will be directed to the product page where information about the service, a variety of resources and system access are available.

screen shot from the Infosparks product page where you can learn more about the tools and resources available for it.

While I’ve featured InfoSparks in this post, be sure to check out the other offerings including more recently added market stats & listing data tools like NeighborhoodIntel and Green Building Registery in addition to other tools, resources and blogs at

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