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Duplicate Listings

July 29, 2023

A listing can be entered into only one property type except that:


  • A property with multiple dwelling units may be entered in Multi-Family Residential and in Commercial/Mixed Use IF the building has a commercial component.


  • A lot may be listed in Lots & Land as solely the land for sale. Additionally, if the seller can build a house on the lot from a floor plan, it may be listed in Single Family Residential with “To-Be-Built/Floor Plan” construction status.


  • A property with both a commercial and a single-family component may be entered in both Single Family and Commercial


  • A property may be entered as Active in both Single Family Residential with “To-Be-Built” Construction Status, and in Lots & Land that have the same Property Identification Number (PID). The property owner must complete and sign a listing input form for each of the property types that accurately represents what is being offered for sale on each listing.


  • A single-family home that is likely to be torn down for the value of the land may be entered in both Single Family and Lots & Land


  • Farms may be entered in both Farms and Lots & Land


  • If the property owner has granted written permission for property showing to the seller of the equitable interest, both listings may appear.


  • If a Single-Family Residential property is available with optional amounts of land, it may be listed twice with different amounts of acreage. If more than 2 optional amounts of land are available, the additional amounts should be described in remarks.


  • If you are selling a property with a large parcel of land, you may enter it in two different configurations. For example, let’s say your client has a house with 20 acres of land. You may want to enter it once with all 20 acres, and separately at a lower price with just 10 acres. They can both be entered in a single Property Type, or separate ones (for example the larger lot in Lots and Land and the smaller one in Single Family Residential). Whatever configurations you and your client choose, you are limited to no more than two Active (and/or TNAS) listings for the same PID. This applies only to large parcel listings, so the acreage difference between the two listings must be more than one acre.


Note – No two active listings should have the same property identification number (PID) with the following exceptions:

  • Commercial can list as For Sale and For Lease – Same PID
  • In a new development where PID numbers have not yet been assigned multiple properties may be entered with the TBD.


Here’s the important part for you to keep our Compliance Department at bay!

In both these exceptions, after the sale of the property, you must Pend and then close the configuration that sold. The listing for the other configuration must be Cancelled within 24 hours of the other listing being Closed.

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